ProtoCycler – DIY plastic recycler would be an awesome home addition


Several DIY plastic recyclers for the home have been created over the years, but the newest addition to the collection seems to be the most promising. The ProtoCycler, which was created by ReDeTec, has a built in grinder that works kind of like a juicer to turn plastic waste into usable filament. The machine does its job without a mess or a hassle, like previous DIY methods and at home machines, so it is a step in the right direction. Here are a few reasons why one of these would be an awesome home addition.

You Can Reduce Your Waste

Most of the plastic that is thrown in the trash goes right into landfills or the ocean, polluting our world. Even the plastic that is turned in for recycling takes energy and expense to transport to a center, break down, and reuse, wasting resources in the process. Reducing waste right at the source by recycling in your own house reduces the actual amount of waste leaving your home, helping to keep the planet clean and save precious time and resources.

You Can Use the Plastic for 3D Printing

The protoCycler spins plastic into useable filament. This filament generally costs about $30 a spool at a store, so creating your own from plastic that would have just been thrown away can save you a ton of money if you use a 3D printer regularly. You also always have easy access to more plastic for your 3D printing projects. If you start running low on plastic waste to recycle, you can start helping the neighbors or get plastic from local cleaning projects.

You Can Turn Clutter into Useful Items

If you have your own recycler and your own 3D printer, you can easily turn old toys and other clutter into items that you will actually use. There is no need to stress over whether you should give something up or throw it out, if you find that you need it down the road, you can easily print out a new one. Instead of running to the store to get new items, you can save yourself a fortune by figuring out a 3D printable alternative and making your own at home.


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