Samsung’s AI smart appliances for your entire day

Samsung AI-enabled Smart appliances

Samsung AI smart appliances brings you into the future, not science fiction anymore

Samsung AI-enabled smart home appliances are not a dream or science fiction we watch in movies few years ago, Samsung have demonstrated it’s “Intelligence of Things” AI-enabled smart home appliances for all of your daily home works while constantly communication with each other. The company announced its vision of all connected home appliances communicating to perform their house hold task.

With your Samsung AI smart home appliances your day started with a meteorological app Bixby, Samsung’s convenient intelligence platform which will checks all meteorological conditions like weather, smog and dust level with your simple voice command. Bixby will also stores your usage patterns to get smarter.

Samsung introduced its new AI-enabled smart washer and dryer Auto Cycle Link1, a links compatible washer and dryer which will adjust best settings during washing and drying of your cloths.

After that you need to have breakfast or lunch, no worries Samsung have an AI-powered meal planner which will updates you with your food stock in fridge. This Samsung AI- enabled fridge have image-recognition technology, which can detects the available items in your fridge with its freshness level. It also helps you for the next recipes you can make with availability of ingredients in your AI-enabled fridge.

Now you have selected the proposed recipe, Samsung AI Food will set the connected AI smart appliances for the recipe you have selected. It will also maintains the kitchen conditions like exhaust of smoke while preparing the recipe and over all ventilation of your kitchen.

Samsung AI homecare manager also have some jobs to do for your house, AI homecare manager will maintain overall performance of all AI smart appliances and also monitors and stores your usage patterns. This will help the system to run your house efficiently including the Samsung’s SmartThings Energy Control app, which is connected with your house complete energy system.

When you are reaching back home Samsung’s GPS-enabled home-management now have a job to complete before you reach your home, which is to regulate your home’s air quality and temperature for you according to your usage patterns and weather conditions outside received via Bixby by communication with Samsung’s Pleasant AI service and sets Samsung air conditioning smart appliances.

Overall it looks good and a futuristic, it will surely improve our lifestyle and these systems brings us to the future but at what cost?


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