Urban Clap – How did this start up attract customers tremendously!

Urban Clap

Urban Clap is an online platform that caters a number of services to its customers online at the tap of a finger at the comfort of their homes. Be it wedding planners, or divorce lawyers, personal care, or home cleaning, Urban Clap has taken the service segment by a storm. All the services enlisted for a household or an individual can be availed just with a click without having to worry about the quality of the service or time.

If you put it simply, it is a platform which connects online users with offline service providers. You can simply choose the service you like and chat with a professional. Urban Clap on your behalf will hire the same professional for you.

Urban Clap has become what it is today with the mere play for amazing marketing strategy. Not just one, there are a lot of major pointers which Urban Clap has considered before going deep down and raising the stakes or services in the country. Here are all the things that Urban Clap has adopted for making its journey of catering a million customers with their unique yet classified marketing strategies that actually worked:

Paid Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Urban Clap targeted online customers and so it was important that the brand was marketed efficiently on all online platforms especially social media. The online customer range of Urban Clap all came from social media. The reach was fantastic and once people got to know the brilliance of the services, it kind of worked.

•    Urban Clap collaborated with YouTube channels that had millions and billions of followers all across the country to promote themselves. Not just once, but in every few days.

•    Instagram and Facebook promotional campaigns worked as well. All of this made people click on the link that led to Urban Clap and rest was fate.

•    Urban Clap gets paid promotions done by Google Ads to outreach their scale of customers which has made their business into what it is today.

Offer Discounts And Deals

In India, people do not shop because of their need, they shop because it’s a sale or the products are on discount. Similarly, if there was a discount on a facial or a yoga trainer could be made available at home at a discounted rate, then why not!

People are more inclined to buy services if they get discounts which led Urban Clap to the next marketing strategy.

Partner Up With Other Businesses

Urban Clap then started to collaborate with other companies which could work on commission basis and provide business to them. One of such companies is TalkCharge. Now, TalkCharge has a business model that has amazing cashback options. People if direct towards Urban Clap via TalkCharge, then they pay a commission to them and in return get business in the form of prospect customers.

The customers on the other hand get cashback and save while availing the same services. It’s a two way street for the companies but the customer benefits in both.

Quality Without Compromise

No matter how much you promote your company, if the services offered by the brand are not up to the mark. All the promotion and marketing can lead your customers to your portal; however, retaining your customers is ultimately decided by the quality of services offered to the customers.

If the customers find the quality of the services up to the mark, only then they will hop back to your brand, and if this is not the case, they are never coming back. You may lose other potential customers as well.

Broad Spectrum Of Services

The best part of the marketing strategy of Urban Clap is that they serve a wide area of customers as their service spectrum has a huge range of services.

The services spectrum of the brand has been listed below:

•    12 Home repair services
•    6 Health & wellness services
•    13 Home care and design services
•    11 Business services
•    7 Academic tutor services
•    13 Wedding & events services
•    14 Personal services and
•    8 Hobbies & Interest services

Since the barn daters to various needs of the customers, the operating customer circle also increase. Same customers may jump from one service to another. The customers may tell other people about the services they got. More people instigate more word of mouth and so on.

Customer-Oriented Marketing Strategy

Another feature that most of the start-ups should keep in mind as they enter the world of business is making your customers your priority. Your customers are the fuel to the engine of your business. It is important that you keep them at the top of your priority list.

Urban Clap provides services at affordable rates and still provides excellent quality services along with taking regular feedback from customers to improve in the best way possible. This shows that they are inclined towards their customers rather than earning profit.

Customer-Satisfying Marketing Objectives

Urban Clap strategized their marketing campaigns in such a way that the need of this platform was created in the market. It did not exist beforehand. Usually brands try and produce things that have a demand in the market. However, Urban Clap took it to another level and created a fine need amongst customers by launching their services and now the demand of the same is touching heights.

With that said, Urban Clap has set examples for all the other start-ups with their dynamic marketing strategy and how it works. They have been expanding ever since and may embark the service industry more than ever in the coming years!


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