PlayStation 5 will launch by the end of 2020

PlayStation 5

Sony has made a big announcement. Play Station 5 will soon hit stores by the end of next year and hopefully it will be worth the wait.

It was now or never. Sony has made an announcement regarding the new console in its critically acclaimed and highly successful PlayStation series. The PlayStation 5, which it is called for obvious reason will be hitting stores soon. It has been confirmed that the brand new PlayStation 5 will arrive near the end of 2020.

Sony has introduced a new controller for the upcoming gaming console. The new controller consists of a haptic feedback feature replacing the average rumble feature that was present in the previous PlayStation controllers for many years. The new rumble feature in the upcoming PlayStation 5 controllers will be quite realistic as the user would know when they are hiking or walking through grass. The L2 and R2 buttons will come with a trigger effect which is another update to the upcoming console’s new controller.

In addition to that the PlayStation 5 will come with handle-ray tracing techniques via GPU hardware. A new and faster SSD drive is coming as well. While it is still the digital age, there is something special about having a physical copy in your hand hence, the PlayStation 5 will be offering physical sales of games in addition to digital.


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