CBS News and Quibi team up for short version of 60 MINUTES called 60 IN 6

CBS News and Quibi

CBS News is producing a short version of 60 MINUTES titled 60 IN 6 for the upcoming streaming platform Quibi.

CBS News has teamed up with the forthcoming mobile streaming platform Quibi for something big. The two companies have partnered up to provide a shorter form of the long-running news program 60 IN 6.

The six minute news program will premiere on the mobile streaming platform in April next year. The program will air on the Jeffrey Katzenberg owned streaming platform on a weekly basis.

Bill Owens, executive producer for the original 60 minutes said regarding the show “This is a perfect opportunity to bring 60 MINUTES’ style of storytelling, in-depth reporting and investigative journalism to a new audience,”  He further said “We are excited to launch 60 IN 6, as our digital footprint is more important than ever.”

60 IN 6 is a news program that is targeted towards millenials and generation z. As the two demographics have a shorter attention span and they are always on mobile as compared to television, launching a short news show on a mobile application is surely a wise decision. It will resonate well with its intended target audience.


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