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Novartis and Microsoft partner up to upgrade medicine with artificial intelligence

Novartis and Microsoft

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis and Tech giant Microsoft have joined hands to advance the field of medicine by putting artificial intelligence to play.

Two experts in their own field have combined forces for the benefit of humanity. Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence expertise will combine with Novartis expertise of medicine. Both companies have partnered up to do very important research concerning the field of medicine. It includes but is not limited to clinical trials, manufacturing, finance and operations amongst other things relevant in this field.

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella talked about Microsoft’s Azure technology, the company’s cloud service being used to assist in advancing the field of medicine. She took to Twitter and wrote “Together with Novartis, we will apply the power of Azure and Microsoft AI to some of the biggest challenges facing the life sciences industry today,”

This is a five year agreement between Microsoft and Novartis. Microsoft is currently working on new tools for artificial intelligence which would prove beneficial for Novartis in its medical work. This over all will also help revolutionize the field of medicine overall and would be a great leap for humanity. Deep learning is one of the things to work on as well. It is one of the recent upgrades in artificial intelligence to create new medicines at a fast pace with precision.

Chief Executive Officer of Novartis Vasant Narasmihan commented on his company’s collaboration with Microsoft “We believe that by applying AI methods to our large clinical and pre-clinical data sets, we should be able to identify the ‘super-responding’ patient populations, or patient populations that uniquely respond to different medicines, which then could lead to further testing.” He further said “In the future this could generate more personalised medicines and allow Novartis to build a better value proposition to healthcare systems”

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