Blue Introduces Yeti X, A New Advanced USB Microphone

Blue Yeti X

Blue microphones has recently introduced the Yeti X, a professional USB microphone keeping the needs of content creators and streamers in mind.

Blue microphones, a leading audio production company that makes and designs sound equipment have come out with Yeti X. It is a professional and advanced microphone targeting streamers and creators and comes with Blue VO!CE software.

That is not all as the Yeti X comes with presets and built-in effects, a real-time LED metering which enables a high broadcasting quality for podcasts, streams and gaming as well as a four capsule condenser array.

John Maier, President, and CEO of Blue Microphones said regarding the launch of Yeti X “We’re excited to introduce Yeti X with Blue VO!CE technology and continue the evolution of our renowned lineup of USB mics,” He stated further “We created Yeti X based on feedback from content creators all over the world, who need fast and easy-to-use tools that help them sound their very best. Yeti X with Blue VO!CE gives creators the ability to quickly and easily customize their sound using high-quality effects and presets. Additionally, new features like high-res LED metering and a multi-function smart knob make it easier than ever to deliver professional results for gaming, streaming, and podcasting.”

The Yeti X has been custom tuned to deliver high-quality sound for YouTube, Twitch, podcasts, gaming and can be considered as a heavenly device for both streamers and content creators. It has four pick up patters namely Omni mode capturing sound equally from all around the mic, Cardioid mode picking sounds directly from the microphone, Stereo mode which uses left and right channels to pick up sounds and Bidirectional mode which captures from the rear as well as the front of the mic.

The Yeti X USB Microphone is another milestone in Blue Microphones 20 years legacy of providing one of the best sound equipment in the market both for professional and personal needs.


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